Essay: Finding Your Voice in Fiction

Making the switch from nonfiction to fiction writing.

Fiction: Danish Modern

A 2013 Pushcart Prize nominee for fiction.

Essay: The Rise of the User Generated City

“The Lewis or Clark of today is sitting safely behind a laptop and instead of mapping terra incognita, he is placing red pin tabs over his favorite tattoo parlors.”

Essay: Reinventing Baltimore’s Architecture

How artists and designers in Baltimore become informal developers, perhaps the most auspicious and tenacious developer of them all.

Essay: The Nimble City

Reinventing a building’s function, or bringing it back to life, is not an easy prospect. So what does it take to keep a city nimble and alive?

Essay: Creating The Open City

In which I argue that it’s time to challenge our path dependent thinking about cities and come up with new models for living.

Inside the Baltimore Design School

An abandoned 120,000 square foot factory becomes a model for public education.

New Visions of Home

We’re living longer than ever. But where will we literally live? Behind the scenes of the design-for-aging movement.

The Forgotten

Boxing champion Joe Gans was one of the most celebrated athletes of his time. So why do so few people remember his name?

Saving the Tiffany Windows of Brown Memorial Church

The story of how one church restored the world’s largest set of Tiffany stained glass windows still in the original setting.

Slate: My Life as a Rock and Roll Roadie

Five weeks and too many cities to count: Stories from that time I worked for a rock band on tour.