The New Yorker: Nutshell Studies Feature

How Frances Glessner Lee, a millionaire heiress and a grandmother, pioneered crime scene investigation with doll houses.

Podcast: Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death

A Podcast interview about my research into the life of Frances Glessner Lee and her Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death for The New Yorker.

Fiction: McSweeney’s

In 2017 the Mall of America in Bloomington announced a writer-in-residence program and the idea of living and writing inside a mall inspired this piece for McSweeney’s Internet... (more)

Fiction: The Sea of Tranquility

An aging astronaut struggles with soaring expectations and an unexpected phobia.

The Cult of Busy

There’s a global epidemic of overscheduling and it’s ruining our health. Here’s how to recalibrate your relationship with time.

Essay: On Nostalgia

Winner of the 2015 Hrushka Nonfiction Prize and published in Passages North.

Essay: Notes From a Suicide

A Pushcart Prize-nominated essay about suicide and the legacy of family secrets. Recognized in Best American Essays 2016.

Essay: Mapping Desire

This essay explores the concept of “desire lines” and considers how we build cities with empathy.

The Rise of Orange Wine

Why the oldest winemaking technique in the world is making a comeback.

Fiction: The Last Bullet

Two rival cultural organizations hear a rumor that one of the wealthiest women in town is on her deathbed. The hunt for her inheritance begins.

Essay: Architecture of Civility

Architecture is more than merely aesthetics. Listen to my on-air essay for public radio about architecture and design.

Essay: Riot Architecture

Defensive architecture was the answer to the 1968 riots in Baltimore. How will architecture respond to the urban uprisings of 2015?

Reviving Rothko

A cutting-edge conservation tool uses light to erase 50 years of damage to Harvard University’s famed murals by Mark Rothko.

The Truth About Green Design

Where I travel the country to discover whether green buildings truly perform once people move in.

Snake in the Garden

A startling new archive illuminates how bigotry shaped the landscape of American real estate.

Fiction: A Modern Girl’s Guide to Childbirth

This short story was selected by Roxane Gay as a 2015 Wigleaf Top 50 (very) Short Fiction winner.

Fiction: Birthright

Ploughshares called this “The Best Short Story I’ve Read in a Lit Mag This Week.”

Fiction: Living History

Flash fiction inspired by the life and death of Edgar Allan Poe.

The Architecture of Abortion

Why women are left to defend themselves with shrubbery.

Rebuilding New Orleans

When an on-ramp becomes a boat launch and other stories of architecture in post-Katrina NoLa.