Fiction: Living History


Fact is I look like Poe. I’ve got the bushy brows, the hangdog eyes. I’ve got the receding black hair. I have an old world vibe, like I’m not supposed to be living in modern times. Plus I like whiskey and can black out and get “macabre” as my ex would say. With Poe, I was method acting without even trying.

Excerpted from “Living History” the flash fiction story that I wrote for GEO-POE: A Literary Geo-Caching Adventure. Fourteen Baltimore writers, including myself, were asked to write a story inspired by Edgar Allen Poe and to stash those stories throughout the city in the fall of 2014. Readers joined in the hunt to find these hidden stories and it culminated in a reading by participating authors on October 29, 2014. The event may be over, but the stories live on in a zine from Eight-Stone Press titled Geo-Poe: Short Stories Inspired by the Life and Death of Edgar Allan Poe.


July 30, 2014